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Welcome to my website.  My name is Philip Uko Effiong and I am
originally from Akwa Ibom State in southeastern Nigeria. After
teaching in the university for over ten years, I worked as an Oracle
Programmer and then as a full-time writer and editorial consultant
from late 1998 to 2006.  I am still writing but also started teaching at
the University of Maryland in the fall of 2006.  My areas of specialty
are literature, writing, drama, and cultural studies.  Click on the
"Biographical Sketch" link to the top left for more details on my

Ater spending almost five years in Nigeria (January 2001-December
2005) my family relocated to and resided in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. In
July 2011 we would again relocate to Nairobi, Kenya after my wife
was appointed Junior Achievement President for the Africa Region.

Also featured in this website are paintings by my older brother,
Valentine Efiong, a professional artist based in Amsterdam, Holland. To
view  his artworks, simply click on the link, "Valentine's Artworks" to
the left of this page.

I hope you find time to visit other Nigeria-related websites cited under
"Favorites," also to the left of this page.
I belong to a large family.  My father, a former Major General in
the Army, is from Akwa Ibom State in the southeastern part of
the country.  My mother, who is part Scottish, comes from Delta
State in the midwestern region of the country.  I have three
brothers and four sisters.  There is a twenty-six year difference
between the first and last siblings in my family, both women.

I am also married with three little girls.  They are eleven, nine, and
six.  My wife, a naturalized American, originally comes from the
eastern Ibo part of Nigeria. My son and first child, Noah, lives
with his mother in Madison, Wisconsin.

Jesus Christ remains my ultimate friend.  My greatest human
friends, however, are my wife, Chinwe, and our daughters,
Imaeyen, Amaeka and Idara. One of my most trusted friends is
Iyam Ugot, a Special Advisor to the Governor of the Cross River
state of Nigeria.  He is also my in-law.  Boss Mustapha is another
trusted friend who I look up to as an examplary  father-figure and
spiritual model.
Hobbies & Interests
I love to write.  Two of my books--a novel and a textbook on African-American
Drama--are currently in print.  You can access these texts through this site.  Just click on
the "My Books" link at the top left.  In early 2011 I completed another novel,
Song and Mildew
, which is currently under consideration for publication.  Earlier, in
2008, I completed a social satire manuscript,  
Do you know WHO I AM?  Nigeria's Cult
of Bigmanism
.  This, and another novel manuscript, Memoirs of a Housegirl, are also
under review by potential publishers.  My latest manuscript.
Biafran Boy (completed
2011), documents my recollections of the Nigeria-Biafra Civil War as a child
(1967-1970).  This work is also being reviewed by a publisher.

Aside from writing, I also love to fish and engage in other sporting events like basketball,
ping pong, tennis, soccer and volley ball. Fitness, cleanliness and godliness are some of
my watchwords.

I consider it a privilege to have travelled to parts of Europe, West Africa, East Africa and
the USA.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to visit Asia and the Caribbean.  
Travelling has to be one of the best forms of education and enlightenment.

I love the thrill of indoor games like scrabble, chess, taboo and pictionary.

My favourite movies are classics, comedies and those that cover historical and mythical

If you are boring and cannot hold a good conversation, I would have problems getting
along with you.  Vanity and a poor sense of humour are also a turn-off for me.

On the whole, and in spite of my failures, I am grateful to God for a productive and
fulfilling life.  I look forward to many more fruitful years.
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The Caged Bird Sang No More
My Biafra Odyssey, 1967-1970

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