Each and every one of us is responsible for telling our own stories. This includes stories about our individual lives, about our communities, about our cultures and values, about our people, about our histories and about our achievements. To wait for anyone else to tell your story for you is to create a channel for distortion and misrepresentation, even outright fabrication. At best, others should contribute to your story, but not recount it for you.


In this page I am telling or retelling stories that showcase those aspects of African history and lifestyles that are largely unknown (or scarcely known), and that counter stereotypes of a continent plagued by backwardness, stagnation, poverty, turmoil and dependency. My goal is to research and add as many stories as possible to this list. You can also help. If you have any story that you believe matches the types of themes addressed here, feel free to email it to me at for possible publication on this page. If your story is posted, you will be duly acknowledged.




Now You Know...Stories that
Redefine Africa