Childhood Photos
Key stages of my growing up, from when I
was born in the ancient city of Kaduna in
northern Nigeria, to my pre-teen years in
Enugu, eastern Nigeria.
Kaduna, northern Nigeria, 1961.  I was born in this ancient city.  In both pictures I am
wearing a dress because my mother hoped that I would be a girl and prepared for the arrival
of a daughter.  The young woman in the picture to the right is my mother.
Enugu, then East Central State,
1971.  I was in Elementary Five.
England, 1962/63.  I am coming from the rear, in red.  My
immediate older brother, Charles and our mother are walking
ahead.  My father was on an army officers course at the time.
Enugu, 1972, just before I became
a secondary school student.
Left, April 24 1972, in Enugu, Nigeria.  
My younger sister, Philippa, was
celebrating her second birthday.  From
left to right are: me; Valentine, my oldest
brother; the celebrant, Philippa; and
Charles, my direct older brother.
My brother, Charles (to the left) and I in the Aran
Islands, Ireland, during the summer of 1970.  The
Nigerian-Biafran War had ended in January of that
year and Ireland provided refuge for Biafran
children and their families.
Enugu, 1971.  I am carrying my younger sister,
Philippa, who was only one at the time.  Face at
right is that of my brother, Francis, who was six.
Enugu, 1972.  Left to right, Francis,
Philippa, and I.
Left to right, Francis and I, Enugu,
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Childhood Photos