Philip's School Days
These pictures partially trace my educational progress.
Left, 1973, my first year in Holy Family College, Abak, southeastern
Nigeria.  This picture shows those students who had participated in
First Holy Communion and Confirmation ceremonies.  I had received
my Confirmation.  I am sitting in the front row, second from left.
My dormitory, Saint Patrick's, when I was in Form Two
(1974).  I am sixth from left, second row (standing)
A picture taken in my fourth year (1975/76) with our dormitory prefect,
second from left.  I am third from left.  The cup displayed had just been won
during inter-house competitions.
In my third year (1974/75)
Matriculation picture showing
members of my class, 1978
During my matriculation at the
University of Calabar, 1978.
With my father during my BA
convocation ceremony, 1982
With a graduating friend, Tona, during
my BA convocation ceremony, 1982
In my third year, sponsoring a
Still in my first year, 1973.  I am at extreme
left.  In front, center, is my older brother,
Charles, a third year student at the time
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Ekanem House, 1973/74.  I was in Form
Two and standing 7th from left, middle row
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