After Philip's First Degree
These pictures recapture events following my
B.A., particularly those surrounding my
participation in the National Youth Service
Corp scheme (NYSC) (1982 - 83).
With friends during the National Youth Service Corps
(NYSC) orientation program after graduation.  (The
NYSC is the local equivalent of the Peace Corps
programme).  We camped in Shagamu, former
Ogun State, at the onset of the program.
A pose with some of the natives of Igbesa (sitting
third and fourth from left to right).  The first two
men, from left to right, were fellow Youth Corpers.  
I am squatting in the foreground.
Still at Igbesa during my NYSC.  Here, I am returning
home for the day after teaching at the college.
With friends during my MA graduation ceremony,
University of Calabar, 1985
(Chris Bassey, left, is now late, having lost his life in a car
crash - may his soul Rest in Perfect Peace)
Picture taken during my Ph.D. graduation
ceremony at the University of Wisconsin, 1994
At Government Technical College, in rural Igbesa,
where I was posted to serve.  This was the Staff
Room of the school.
Another picture from my Ph.D. graduation ceremony at the
University of Wisconsin, Madison
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Passing out parade, National Youth Service
Corps (NYSC), Calabar, 1983