Memorable Family Photos
My immediate family--me, my wife, and kids
Chinwe and I during our wedding reception.
Imaeyen, first daughter; in this picture she is nine years old.
Entire family during Idara's Christian dedication, Abuja, Nigeria, 2004
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Wedding reception, Maryland.
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Third daughter, Idara; she is three in this photo.
Idara, December 2004.  Fashion statement courtesy of her mother.
Second daughter, Amaeka; she is seven in this photo.
In memory of my father,
Philip Efiong I, 
who died on 6 November 2003
Effiong girls--home fashion parade
My son, Noah, he will turn 14 this year (2008)
Celebrating Biafra:
Land of the Rising Sun
Remembering Professor I.  Ikiddeh
1938 - 2008