Priceless Family Photos
Rare photos of my larger family
Ikot-Ekpene, southeastern Nigeria, at the
onset of the Nigerian Civil War, 1967.  In front,
from left to right are my younger brother,
Francis, on tricycle; my cousin, Nneka; me,
standing right behind Nneka; and my older
brother, Charles.  Behind, from left to right are
Nkechi, my cousin, and my elder sister, Mercy.
My mother, Josephine Efiong
(née Abbott) in her twenties.
The three oldest children in the
family.  Left to right, Mercy, Valentine,
and Rosalyn /early 1958.
The youngest of four siblings--my mother (second left), her mother
(in the middle), and siblings in northern Nigeria, probably in the early
My siblings and I in Enugu, eastern Nigeria,
1977.  In front is Philippa (wearing scarf).  From
left to right are Valentine, Mercy, Francis,
Rosalyn, and Charles.  I am standing in the
back, behind Francis.
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My parent's wedding, 1956
Ivory Coast, 1970, baptism of my
younger sister, Philippa; she is being
carried by my mother. Her godmother
on left is the mother of General
Ojukwu, former Biafran leader