More Priceless Family Photos
More cherished photos of my larger family
Those were the days.  Left to right;
me; my older brothers, Valentine and
Charles, Enugu, 1977.  I miss those
plattform shoes.
My parents, Enugu, 1977
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Left to right; me; my younger brother, Francis,
and my older brother, Charles, around 1970
Holy Family College, 1970s, left to right; me, older sister,
Rosalyn and older brother, Charles
1970s, my older brothers, Valentine (left) and Charles
(Checkout the afros, bell bottoms, and platforms)
1970s, Holy Family College, from left to right; me;
Peter, Charles' school son, and my older brother,  
Enugu, late 1970s; dad is backing us and
mom is to his left; in the rear, left to right, are
Valentine, me, Charles, and Rosalyn
Late 1970s, Holy Family College, Charles
playing the role of Brother Jero in Wole
Soyinka's play,
The Trials of Brother Jero