Delivering aid directly from person to person
while elmininating bureaucracies and other

One at a Time…or More…

A different Nonprofit Concept




One at a Time…or More is a new, unique, simple but extremely promising nonprofit initiative that I have created to meet a variety of social and economic needs wherever they exist. With the proliferation of nonprofits, there are those who may be skeptical and wonder how One at a Time stands out. The answer lies in the basis for this concept, which derives from personal observations of the inadequacies of many modern nonprofits, some of which are outright fraudulent and some of which are hamstrung by their dependence on funding from other sources. Further, a number of these funding sources continue to raise suspicion as some accuse them of pursuing hidden, self-seeking agendas in their support for philanthropic work.


The Concept


I am not asking for a penny in support of One at a Time. This is because the process of aid will largely depend on a person to person system of giving. It is outrageous that Africans define themselves as a communal people and yet this element of communal provision seems to be lacking in several situations of need. One at a Time seeks to restore this collective sense of nurturing, but it is a concept that in time is expected to transcend Africa and serve various needs without restriction to location. Essentially, the structure and operations of this initiative will eliminate the bureaucratic waste and political intrigues that impinge on the smooth running of several nonprofits.




The process is simple. As the name of the initiative implies, help will be transmitted from individual to individual, one at a time. Sometimes an individual may provide help to more than one individual, or several individuals may join forces to render a need, which is why the initiative is subtitled, “or more.” Many of us have enough to give—whether materially or financially—to people in need. Some of the things that we are capable of parting with can transform the lives of others. This is the strength behind this initiative; it is uncomplicated and can start immediately. Simply look for someone (or some people) within your neighborhood, community, country or family and help him, her or them. The opportunities for helping are limitless. You can help pay someone’s fees, help someone build a business (big or small), give clothing to someone, promise food once a week to a family, provide transport to a child who walks long distances to school and so forth. To keep things simple, help should be provided to people that are easily accessible. In other words, this is not an initiative that proposes help from, say, a German benefactor to a Cameroonian. Cameroonians who have will be responsible for providing for fellow Cameroonians in need. Help will be given directly from the helper to the individual in need. One at a Time will not serve as an intermediary that will accept money or other form of aid that will then be channeled to the needy. As stated, all forms of help will go directly from the helpers to the individuals in need.




Although this person to person method of giving is uncomplicated, the potential impact is huge. In a country like Nigeria, for instance, the needs of millions will be met in a short time if one million out of 160 million Nigerians decide to help a single individual in various ways. Of course the numbers can be much larger.


Role of One at a Time


So, what role will One at a Time play in the scheme of things? One at a Time will disseminate information, explain the concept, encourage individuals to give and most importantly will document on a website the various modes of help that are rendered. Volunteers will eventually be needed to help get the word out while website sponsors will be needed to develop a website that would document all success stories of person to person help. But even before these needs are met, the help process can begin. Look for someone or people whose needs you can meet and set out to meet those needs. For now, you may submit your personal help project and story to me at [email protected] and accompany your information with photos, videos and other resources that will help tell your story.


The Vision


If you are tired of the prevalent image of Africans as wretched, destitute people who need deliverance from foreign countries, then you should be excited about One at a Time and should immediately seek ways to support the vision. If you believe that big companies and organizations, as well as their bureaucratic bottlenecks and influences can be replaced by caring individuals in the philanthropic process, then I encourage you to join One at a Time to achieve this vision.

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