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person while eliminating bureaucracies
and other bottlenecks
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One can only imagine what Peter Nganga
(probably in his 60s) has gone through in life.
Without treatment for a hunchback that has
perhaps ostracized him and made him the
victim of many cruel jokes, he refuses to give
up. Each day he sells fruits and other small
items by the roadside, all in an effort to
support his family. But it is obvious that his
trade does not bring in a lot. We have been
able to help Peter with school fees for his four
children and are grateful for the opportunity.
We encourage you to also seek out someone
or some people that you can help. Remember,
a seemingly small sacrifice on your part can
mean a huge transformation in someone
else's life. God bless you as you participate in
helping others One at a time...or more.

Philip & Chinwe Effiong
Ruth Were is a very hardworking
housekeeper who obviously enjoys her
job. But she needs something more
stable and secure to ensure that she can
provide substantially for herself and her
family in the future. It is for this reason
that we are sending her to school to
pursue a career of her choice -- catering.
With the skills that she acquires, she will
certainly have access to better earning

Philip & Chinwe Effiong
Ruth Were
Peter Nganga
Remember, a seemingly small
sacrifice on your part can
mean a huge transformation
in someone else's life.
Nancy Jemima Atuluku
Return to Life Missions (RTL)
Nancy Jemima Atuluku, Founder &
Coordinator, Return to Life Missions

Nancy Jemima Atuluku is an artist, writer, missionary and founder/ coordinator of Return to Life Missions (RTL), which is based in Nigeria. Most of her work is done in Africa and her recent Skills-Transfer Project was designed to encourage resourcefulness, creativity and entrepreneurship development as a means of combatting the problem of unemployment and ultimately alleviating poverty. One of RTL’s major Skills-Transfer Projects was executed at the Liberian Refugee Camp, Buduburam in the Gomoa District, Central Region, Ghana, between 2003 and 2008. There, beneficiaries, who had mostly been traumatized by armed conflict, received training on entrepreneurship development and acquired skills in fine art and textile design, which included drawing, painting, crafting and the production of batik and tie-dye materials for various uses. Subsequently, they were encouraged to return home to post-war Liberia to rebuild their lives and country rather than go to the USA, Canada, Australia and other such countries on the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees resettlement program. Before returning to Liberia, some of the trainees started small-scale businesses right there on the camp! Many have returned home to Liberia and own small-scale businesses there.